Residents from the town of Lowell in Orleans County are concerned about asbestos exposure from a nearby mine, after discovering that some of the waste from the mine was routinely used to fill land and build roads. Officials from the state have apparently discovered a number of cases that could be linked to exposure to asbestos.
A study by the health department has shown that there are increased cases of lung cancer among people that live within ten miles of the mine, and the public is now being asked for more information about where the waste from the mine was used.
One resident stated: "We told them it was used everywhere… People used them to backfill the springs, I mean a good many of the roads here in town were built from that stuff . So I mean it’s everywhere." Apparently the mine company had allowed people from nearby towns to bag up waste and take it home with them.
The resident also added: "The town used to use it, instead of using winter sand, that’s what they used to put on the roads in the wintertime. So any time anybody needed any sort of fill or whatever, hey it was free at the mines."

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