Australian resident living near to the Bathurst TAFE campus have been reassured that there is nothing to worry about in terms of asbestos exposure. This comes despite the fact that warning signs relating to asbestos have been placed around the area near a dirt pile just behind the campus.

Residents in the Havannah Street area had raised concerns after dirt was dumped in the area last year following a rebuilding project at Kelso High. However, concerns grew after signs warning of the presence of asbestos were erected around the dirt pile.

One official has stated that the signs had to be put up for legal reasons, but that the only asbestos was in two pipes that had been found, and this did not present any health dangers. He said: “Towards the end of their digging, two pipes containing asbestos were found and council was informed. Only two small clumps of asbestos were found but precautionary steps had to be taken.”

One resident told of how he contacted the council but had no luck. He stated: “I did not get any satisfaction from them at all. They said it had nothing to do with them, but I just saw that as passing the buck.”

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