Local residents have expressed concern and demanded further information about the impending demolition of church from which asbestos was recently removed. Contractors began removing asbestos from the St. Aidan’s site earlier in the week, sparking concerns among local residents.

The rectory of the church and two garages are being demolished, and as part of this demolition work crews will be working on wetting down, removing, and disposing of potentially hazardous asbestos from the building.

The developer that has arranged the project called a recent meeting, and assured residents that he would be updating them on a regular basis with regards to progress. However, no firm demolition date has yet been provided.

The developer stated: “In construction, it’s very difficult to get a specific date, because you don’t know how fast the work is going to happen.” However, this has not satisfied the locals, with one resident stating: “I don’t want, 20 to 30 years from now, for the children to come down with cancer.”

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