Citizens from the North end of Pawley’s Island have been expressing concerns over the possibility of asbestos exposure after a property in the area was demolished. Officials from the Georgetown County and the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control responded to the concerns and have addressed the citizens.

According to one official the house that was demolished had been inspected by a contractor, and a small amount of asbestos was detected. He added: “SCDHEC issued a letter of authorization to dispose of the siding in the county landfill.”

According to the official there is no need for a permit for demolition or an asbestos abatement survey on single resident properties in the area, although this is not the case for commercial or multi-person accommodations.

An official from the SCDHEC stated: “the rules and exemptions regarding private demolition are precise and complex. There is a residential exemption for an owner who has fewer than four units that allows them to demolish without an asbestos permit, This would not be the case if there were an abatement contractor hired or if a demolition contractor were to do two properties on the same block. A private owner may demo up to four units of his own private property.”

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