Residents in Derbyshire in the UK are campaigning against the possible set up of a waste transfer site close to their homes, which could be dealing with asbestos waste. The residents are outraged at possible plans to set up the waste transfer station.

A planning application has been submitted to Derbyshire County Council by Aspect Contracts. It seeks to set up a waste transfer station in Whittington Moor. The move is now being opposed by The Residents Against Asbestos Waste campaign.

One local resident expressed her outrage at the plans, stating: “It’s outrageous this is being suggested in a densely populated area close to homes and a children’s playground. We’re appalled and concerned about potential health implications and Chesterfield becoming the dumping ground for everyone’s waste.”

An official from the waste company stated: “All asbestos waste is inspected and packaged and sealed in accordance with legislation and as a result no escape of waste, dust or debris occurs.”

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