Residents of the Montana area of Libby, which was contaminated with asbestos from the WR Grace mines and resulted in illness and death for many residents, have been angered by recent comments made by a judge, who claimed that there were ‘no crime victims identifiable’, according to recent reports.

The judge that made the comments is the one that will be presiding over the WR Grace trial. As a result of the mines in Libby around four hundred people in the area have already died from asbestos related diseases according to reports.

One official that works for an asbestos centre was outraged by the comments, and he said: “For decades, that company showered Libby with a slow poison, delivered with a full knowledge that exposure to asbestos would sicken or kill a large percentage of our population. If that’s not a crime and these people aren’t victims, I don’t know what is.”

Officials have also said that the judge that made the comments was a former member of the US Navy, and it is a known fact that Navy veterans are themselves at increased risk of contracting asbestos related diseases, such as mesothelioma, because of the nature of their work.

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