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Researchers have warned that another large-scale tsunami could flood densely populated areas of western coastal Sumatra, Indonesia, in the next couple of decades.

Using samples of coral from the Mentawai islands, the researchers from Caltech University, University of Southern California (USC) and Indonesia conducted computers. Simulations of the 1797 and 1833 tsunamis, allowing them to evaluate worst-case scenarios for future tsunamis.

Early warning regarding tsunamis depends on skilled interpretation of earthquake data from seismic monitors like the one at Pallekale and data from ocean based buoys that detect fast moving bodies of water. The ocean between Sri Lanka and Thailand now has one. It is up to us to make sure that the warning that get communicated from international and regional warning centers will be communciated to the affected communities promptly and that those communities will be prepared to respond properly.

NOAA Provides First Tsunami Detection Buoy for the Indian Ocean: Financial News – Yahoo! Finance

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