According to a recent report researchers in Sweden have been looking more closely at how sodium selenite can beat mesothelioma cancer cells, and this follows a previous study that was carried out into this process. Previous studies showed that this antioxidant can kill mesothelioma cells in cell cultures.

In the most recent study and research that was carried out in Sweden researchers have been looking not only at how this process works but also why it works. The study results have recently been published in the Journal of Experimental & Clinical Cancer Research.

One official involved in the treatment said: “Developing anticancer drugs is difficult. The key challenge is to find substances that act specifically against cancer cells but not against healthy cells. Selenite appears to have this kind of specificity. We have wanted to understand why the mesothelioma cells respond as they do, and that is why we investigated the cellular signaling mechanisms in response to selenite.”

He also said: “Broadly speaking, our results show that a variety of mechanisms are involved. Selenite does not activate just one single pathway. Instead of sounding a distinct note on the cell’s clavier, it triggers several disharmonious chord progressions at the same time, if you will.”

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