We normally believe that some of the distinguishing characteristics of mankind are the ability to effectively communicate, advanced mental capability, the ability to use tools and having a hand with an opposing thumb. In a recent discovery, a researcher studying chimpanzees in Africa has discovered that chimapanzees have some rudimentary capabilities in using tools during hunts. Now this ability may not be so advanced as being able to create a space station, but it does give an insight into how humankind may have slowly developed the ability to use tools.

Chimps would typically use around 2 foot long tree branch that they would have stripped with their teeth to make sharper, and then use these as makeshift spears to hunt their prey. This ability had been reputed for quite some time, but this was the first time that such behaviour was documented.

Such behaviour also shows how close chimps are to humans genetically, and also a chance to be able to figure out that they have a high level of intelligence. Read this whole article to know more about this research.

Ashish writes at Tech News.

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