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Chapter 28
The last chapter

Both Charles and Gary slept like babies on the return flight. It was the complete opposite of the flight to Los Angeles. When they got to New York, Gary couldn’t wait to get home to shower, shave, and get into some crisp clothes. Thanks to Charles, he had a meet and greet set up with Anne Snowe. The trip to LA had restored Gary’s mojo, and Charles told him if things didn’t work out with Anne, he had someone else in mind for him (Lucy from the bookstore). Gary was also looking forward to finding a publisher for the thriller that Charles had briefly outlined.
Charles couldn’t wait to get to Boston and see his future wife. She had arranged for a sitter at her house for her girls and was cooking a meal for Charles at his place. She only had one surprise for him.
“My cat and your dog will be there.”
“That’s not a surprise … it’s a wonderful thing.”
Charles and Emma had a glorious night together. They talked—talked and talked some more. Charles was especially proud to tell her how his children had all reacted favorably without even meeting her. Emma said it was the same with her daughters.
“Talk about karma,” they both said in unison, and then Emma started laughing and soon Charles joined in when Emma told her about her parents suffering from such playfulness.
I didn’t bother to tell him about Mitchell and me sometimes doing that, she wrote in her diary.
They made plans to buy an engagement ring, and in order to be technically engaged until the ring was picked out and being worn by Emma, Charles Craig Curtis remembered that someone whose name he couldn’t remember had given him a Davidoff cigar and told him it was pricy and was the champagne of cigars. Not being a cigar smoker or a champagne drinker, Charles had stuck it in the freezer because he had read on some blog that’s what you do with a cigar until you are ready to smoke it. He went to the freezer, took out the cigar and carefully took off the wrapper. He went back to his bride to be and slipped the paper ring from the cigar on her ring finger and threw the cigar in the trash.
“I’m never taking this off,” she said as she admired his handiwork.
“That’s great. I’ll save a bundle on a real ring,” he joked.
They made love and fell asleep in each other’s arms. The next morning Charles awoke and opened up his bedroom door. His dog and her cat were sleeping next to each other. He tiptoed back to the nightstand and retrieved his iPhone. He snapped the picture. It was such a good picture he sent it to everyone via text messages. They all agreed.
Charles will be my brown paper bag for a long, long time and I intend to be his, Emma wrote in her diary.
That was something Charles Craig Curtis wished he would have written.

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