And yet another experiment

I will once again flag this as NSFW (Not Suitable For Work). Sam is a very creative writer – Simon

Charles entered into the foyer of Anne’s apartment and she bear hugged him and then stuck her tongue down his throat and just as quickly recoiled in anger.

“You disobeyed me!” she shouted. “You have never, not ever, done that… I am so disappointed in you Charles Craig Curtis. I begged you not to drink before you came over,” she said dejectedly.

“I can’t influence myself sometimes,” was his meek response.

Anne moved closer to him and raised her arms over his head, palms down. She lowered her head and shut her eyes.

“What are you doing?” he asked her.

“Shhhhh,” she said, pressing her right index finger to his lips.

She must be praying, he guessed. Isn’t it funny that the Christian fiction raised arm reminds me of the Nazi salute, he mused as she brought her arms down.

“I could kill you,” she said, as she made a fist with her left hand and grabbed the back of his head with her right and pressed his face right into hers. “But I would rather fuck you to death.  Go take an ice cold shower while I put the K-cup on. You like French Vanilla, right?”

Charles shouted that he did as he made his way to her guest bathroom, where he knew he would find all the comforts of his own bathroom.

After he took a luke warm shower, (the only time Charles liked cold water was in a glass), he marveled at what a planner and a shopper his friend Anne was.

“She has everything a guy needs in a bathroom. Of course, she has had plenty of practice,” he said to his reflection in the mirror as he groomed himself to his liking.

He put on his clothes and realized that the shower had a sobering effect on him. He also remembered the gift card.

Anne will be happy, he thought as he made his way to her kitchen. He smelled the coffee and smiled.

“You look good, she said. We will pretend that you didn’t come in with wine in your system. Here’s your coffee,” she said as she handed him a mug.


He handed her the gift card.

Anne looked at the card, looked at him, and said “I’ll give this to the doorman. You used to be a lot better at bringing me things when you were not famous and had no money.”

“I left my original gift at the hotel,” he lied. Hope the doorman hated to read, he mused as he drank the coffee.

“Don’t you love the K-Cup coffee machine?” Anne asked him.

Charles tipped his mug of French Vanilla to her.  Charles loved technology that made his life easier and his taste buds happier.

“My company is really going after their account. We think they haven’t touched the level of sales that they are capable of,” Anne said.  “Follow me to the balcony. It’s a beautiful night and dinner won’t be ready for a while.

Charles followed her, but wasn’t crazy about balcony sitting.

“Unless it’s on the first floor,” he once told Gary.

“Afraid of heights?” Gary asked.

“Terrified is a better adjective,” Charles answered.

“No rooftop book signings for you in the land of the one percent,” Gary noted on his reminder application in his iPhone.

“And no private parties on rooftops either,” Charles said. “The embarrassment is almost as bad as the phobia.”

“What embarrassment?”

“I’m always told to take a look at the view. Like an idiot, I do, and as soon as I do, I turn weak-kneed and pale white and break out into a sweat.” Charles said.

“Stay away from glass elevators.”


Suddenly, Anne turned and stopped.

“I just remembered about you and your fear of heights.  Let me get you something that is supposed to help people who are fearful of heights,” she said.



“Great — a ‘K-Cup’ for people afraid of heights,” Charles said with a laugh.

Anne looked at him very seductively and returned to the kitchen.  Her newest experiment had started to kick in, as they say.

Anne knew about Viagra. Anne knew about Cialis.  Her experiment was going to be what would happen to a sexually active man if both pills were consumed?

Anne wasn’t going to just shove two pills down his throat.  She had ground one of each pill in an old mortar and pedestal that she had bought at a sidewalk sale. She had then dissolved the crushed pills into a strawberry smoothie.

It’s a win-win for me… anyway, she thought as she handed Charles her potion.

“A milk shake before dinner?”

“Try it.  I’ll go and get some appetizers. Sit on the balcony, take in the view,” she said sarcastically.

“Say a prayer for me so I don’t suffer from vertigo. Better yet say a bigger prayer that I don’t fall!”

“Very funny… not!” cried out Anne.  “But I do pray for you every day, you know,” she said, when she returned with some fresh shrimp, cocktail sauce, cheese squares, and a mustard sauce to dip the cheese in. She looked at his drink and saw that it was half gone and smiled. Then she looked at him and rushed to his side, almost knocking over all she had just brought out.

Charles was slumped in the chair pressing the back of his hands right between his eyes and softly moaning.

“What’s wrong Charles,” she said as she held his shoulders tight. “I should have prayed just like you asked me to do,” she said, worried that maybe the mixture of Viagra and Cialis had gone bad.

“I’m suffering from an ice cream headache! Damn! I hate these,” Charles said. “That drink was so good, I forgot it was cold and I slurped it too fast.”

She let go of him and blew a sigh of relief.

“I’m going to silently pray for your pain to go away,” she said.

Charles took a deep breath and did what he always did after he suffered from an ice cream headache. He quickly grabbed what was left in the glass and started drinking from it again… slowly.


Anne was pleased that he was finishing her experimental drink but was also puzzled.

“Why are you drinking so quickly after almost scaring me to death?”

“I don’t know, but I always do that when I get an ice cream headache. I’ll ask the good doctor,” Charles said.

“Getting a physical?” she asked.

“Kinda,” he replied.

“I’ll pray for your continued good health,” she said.

“That would certainly help,” Charles said, as he finished the drink and was happy that he had no residual affects to report.

“That was very tasty,” Charles said as he grabbed some of the appetizers that Anne had put down.  “I’m starving, what’s for dinner?”

“Me,” she said seriously.

“I thought you were dessert,” he said.

“Let me get you some water,” she said.

“You are really serious about no alcohol, aren’t you?” he called to her.

You bet stud man, Anne mused, as she got a pitcher of ice cold water from her refrigerator. She had read that water helped engorge the penis when doing some research on Viagra and Cialis. This experiment is going to be my best yet, she thought as she handed him a glass.

He took a sip and complimented her on her choice of snacks.

“So how is the ad biz?” he asked her.

“Fabulous. We never seem to experience any downturns,” she said as she dipped a slice of cheese into the mustard dip. “I do love this mustard.”

“When I was younger, I never would have dreamed I would like dipping cheese into mustard,” Charles confessed.

“How’s the new book coming,” Anne asked.

Suddenly Charles felt like his face had suddenly become sunburned.


“I thought you said that drink you gave me was supposed to help me with my vertigo,” he said. “Is my forehead hot?” he asked her as he grabbed her hand and placed it on his forehead.

Knowing this was the first sign that her Viagra and Cialis cocktail was beginning, she hid her smile.  “You feel fine to me. You also look damn good. So tell me about the next book.”

Charles didn’t come to Anne’s to talk about his writing. He came there to forget about his writing, and he changed the subject.

“I think it’s incredible that Madison Ave. has people more concerned with what type of toilet paper they use than what are the major points of the political parties,” he said.

“Hocus pocus,” was her reply.  “And it works.”

“Advertising is the gift that keeps on giving,” he pointed out.  He also noticed he was getting a major erection — stronger, bigger and bolder than what usually happened. He drank some water and excused himself to go to the bathroom, because it was making him feel uncomfortable within his underwear. He wanted to check to see what the hell was going on down there (he knew it wasn’t the toe sex he had recently that was giving him the boner).

Of course, Anne had a hunch that her concoction was working when Charles went to the bathroom.  She went into her living room, which the terrace was adjacent to and flicked on her lights twice, which was a signal to a man in another apartment across the street and up about 5 stories.

Charles Craig Curtis loved his cock. He loved it so much, he knew almost as much about it as he did about himself (of course, the one thing he didn’t know about himself was what was  causing his massive writer’s block).  He pulled his pants and underwear down as soon as he shut the bathroom door and looked at his penis.

“This can’t be mine,” he said to himself “I have a decent sized cock, but this is at least twice what I know exists.”

Not that it is bothering me, he mused, because he knew this new weapon was going to be very useful in a few minutes, because he thought that if it were not inside of Anne very quickly he was going to literally shed his foreskin. Feeling hotter than he had, he went to the sink to wash his face and looked in the mirror and finally started to figure out what was happening to his member.

“She slipped me a Mickey Finn!” he said to the mirror.



A ‘Mickey Finn’ is slang for a drug laced drink. Now, he knew why he got the smoothie!

When Charles looked in the mirror, his face was sunburned red. This had happened to him the one time he had used Viagra.

“But my cock didn’t get this big,” he muttered “or did it?” he couldn’t remember. But it didn’t bother him at all to see that it was big, full of veins and all his.

Maybe I should get a prescription? he mused

He took off the rest of his clothes and sat on the toilet seat. He looked around not knowing what he was looking for when he spotted a pair of reading glasses resting inside a pile of advertising trade magazines next to the toilet. There was also a brown paper bag tucked in amongst the reading material.

Aha! He was going to get a better look or size up the matter, as they say. Then he was going out to extract revenge on Anne Snow.

She better pray that I don’t split her open!

He put the glasses on and stared at his cock. He had looked at many times before when it was soft; when it was hard, when he was penetrating a woman from behind or on top. About the only time he never looked at his cock, was when he was getting a blow job and couldn’t see it.  But he knew his cock best when he was masturbating, which he suddenly feeling the urge to do; and this made him harder!

And the reading glasses just magnified it!

For the first time, in a very long time, he was glad he wasn’t buzzed from too much Pinot Noir or any other alcoholic beverage and studied his, now, ramrod (and bigger) cock. He squeezed his balls and they seemed smaller.

That’s it! he thought. “My balls have decided to make my cock bigger by joining in. Can’t say I blame them,” he said quietly.

He looked at the veins all around his mighty member, and marveled that they were so   and so prominent.

“Like a body builder’s bicep on display at a contest,” he said, as he got up and positioned himself in front of the mirror that was over the sink and made his cock do some flexing.

“Is this awesome!” he yelled.  “It’s time to go fuck Anne… to death!” he said, as he waltzed out of the bathroom, down the narrow hallway and to the terrace where he found Anne in her outfit of the night, waiting for him.


“I was praying you would come out naked. Look at the schlong!” she exclaimed.

It works! It works! she thought. My prayers were answered, she mused as she silently praised God, Jesus, Viagra, Cialis, Charles, and of course; herself for coming up with the concoction.

“Looking at you is making me harder!” Charles exclaimed.

Anne was wearing a black bra, lace black panties that were crotchless, and red stiletto pumps.

He was about to jump her bones, as they say, when she motioned for him to stop.

“I want to suck on it for a while, okay?” she asked him.

“How long do I have to answer?” he said sarcastically, as he sat in the chair that he was previously in and watched Anne put her lips around the head of his cock. He leaned back with his hands behind his head and closed his eyes.

This is heaven!

No, it was New York City, and what Charles Craig Curtis didn’t know… couldn’t have– known is that across the street in a building taller than Anne’s they were being watched.

And the watcher was getting off because he knew Anne.

It was how Anne was able to get Viagra and Cialis. Her peeping Tom neighbor had befriended her after he had actually spied on her fucking one of her boyfriends on the floor in her living room a few months ago. He owned a very expensive pair of night vision binoculars and loved to masturbate while he watched people having sex.

He found out who Anne was by bribing the doorman. The peeping Tom was a retired federal judge who, despite being slightly perverted in how he got his rocks off, had a fairly good reputation as a Jurist.

He told Anne that she was the best female he had ever watched engaged in sex acts.

When Anne asked him if he wanted to have sex with her, the judge informed her of how he liked his sex. Anne asked him if his age was slowing him down, and he showed her his collection of Viagra and Cialis.

And, that is how Anne Snow came up with the ingredients for the giant cock that was in her mouth.


As she sucked and licked away, Charles decided to watch her moves. He was enjoying her mouth, lips, and tongue going all over his cock, but he wanted to watch her doing it in that sexy outfit. He opened his eyes and decided to take a look-see at the skyline before zeroing in on Anne.

Gary had always told Charles that New York City’s skyline is a magnificent site from no matter where you sit.

Especially when your cock is being sucked raw, Charles mused, as he turned his head to look upward and saw the greenish glow from the retired judge — and now current peeping Tom’s — night vision binoculars. At first, Charles didn’t know what to make of the color. Then, it went away, and then it came back on. When it came back on, Charles saw a moving shadow in an up and down motion. He now knew what he was looking at, and what might be looking at them. He grabbed Anne’s ears and pulled her mouth off his cock and yelled that they were being watched.

“Thank goodness that’s all it was. I thought you were going to cum in my mouth and you know I don’t like that,” she said.

“Well, you liked putting it on your zits. I’m surprised you don’t like swallowing it,” Charles said.

“You try it, and then we can compare notes,” she said sarcastically.

“What about the peeper?”

“Relax. It’s just the judge. He likes to watch people have sex. That is what turns him on.”

“Well, let’s give him a show he will never forget,” Charles said, as he tore off her bra and stripped away her panties. He decided to let her keep only her stiletto heels on.

They fucked like they had never fucked before (and they both had experienced great sex with each other many times in the past).  Anne grabbed onto the railing, and Charles mounted her from behind (but he kept his eyes closed for fear of vertigo setting in). He lay on the floor of the terrace and she mounted him. He sat on one of the chairs on the terrace and she sat on him like a stripper giving a lap dance. They tackled and pushed themselves into the living room where they practiced the old missionary position.

After about 10 minutes of a porn-like performance by both of them, Anne started to achieve orgasm and started screaming “Sweet Jesus, I’m cuming. Oh God… this is it — bless you for letting me feel like this!”


When Charles heard this, he opened his eyes, because he wanted to watch Anne’s body quiver when she experienced her orgasm. He knew he didn’t quiver; he knew his face became totally distorted when he was cuming and never wanted to see it. He knew this, because Anne would always imitate what his face looked like when he ejaculated. She thought it was very cool. He hated to know, because her imitation was bad enough, even if she was only half right. Besides, he hadn’t even come close to having his own orgasm.

Her orgasm was so intense that she fainted. At first Charles was worried, and got up to get some cold water for her. When he got back, she was sitting up and laughing. She gulped down the water.

“I thought I literally fucked you to death,” he said. “Feeling better?”

“Yes. And, so did I. But I knew God and Jesus would revive me. Do you know that you are still hard?”

He looked down and couldn’t believe it.

“Say, what was in that drink?”

She told him and how she obtained the pills.

Charles Craig Curtis then walked to the terrace, flashed the thumbs-up sign to the judge, pointed at his still rigid hard-on, and then mooned the judge.

“So how do you want to get off, Charles?” Anne asked him.

Good question, he thought, as he realized he had to do something different that would totally turn him on to get off.  He saw Anne start to wiggle out of her red stiletto heels and then it hit him.

“I want to masturbate over your shoes,” he found himself saying.

She took them off and handed them to him. “Do you want me to watch you?”

“I want you in them while I do it.”

She put the shoes on very slowly. Charles retreated into the bathroom to get some baby oil. His cock was still rock hard, but his skin was dry as a bone, as they say.

“I need to lube up,” he said.

“I’ll do it for you,” she said as she grabbed the plastic bottle.



It was a great hand job but it didn’t turn Charles on like his own hand did. He had positioned Anne on the floor and knelt down at her feet.

He put some lotion on his right hand, and began to masturbate. He came very quickly and was disappointed.

“Not long enough, eh?” Anne asked him.

“No. For how big my cock was, the amount of cum in it wasn’t enough to shine one of your heels,” Charles pointed out.

“Side effect of the drugs I think,” Anne said.

“That’s a side effect I can live with,” Charles said as he helped her to her feet.  “Sure is proof that the god of our fathers and mothers has a keen sense of humor when it comes to giving me a huge cock and a thimble size amount of sperm.”

“Charles… you’re always so cynical. Thank that the god of our fathers and mothers gave us sex to enjoy with one another. You and I are the epitome of enjoying that feeling that god has given us,” she pointed out.

Charles nodded in agreement and yawned. He was beat and was walking towards Anne’s bedroom when he found himself in a new room that was never there before. It was an office, albeit not a large one.

“When did you have this area renovated Anne?” he asked.

She started laughing. “It’s a rent-a-wall.”

“You mean you just called up a place, and said ‘excuse me, I need to rent-a-wall?’” he said, astonished that such a concept existed.

“That’s about the size of it,” she said.

“Oh, so that’s why so many illegals can fit in all the apartment buildings in New York,” he said, as he pounded his fist lightly on the rent-a-wall and walked into Anne’s bedroom and fell asleep within seconds.

The next morning she brought him a cup of coffee. The fresh aroma of French Vanilla woke him up, and they exchanged smiles.

“You never answered me about how your writing is coming along?” Anne said.

Charles Craig Curtis put his coffee down. He took Anne’s cup out of her hand and put


it down. He turned her around and flung open her robe and pushed her on her stomach and drew her up on her knees. He thrusted his cock into her as quickly as he could and started humping away.

“You did that with no hands Charles. My pussy has always been wet for you,” she whispered as she started moaning softly.

Charles knew he should be doing something else with his hands.

It was called writing.


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