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Over the course of the investigation, several psychics and some family members of Haleigh Cummings have asked the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office to search a nearby property one more time for clues in the disappearance five-year-old Haleigh Cummings.

Haleigh Cummings was last seen between 8pm and 10pm February 10, 2009 in her father’s Hermit’s Cove home in Putnam County near Satsuma, Florida.

The girl was in the care of Haleigh’s father’s 17-year-old girlfriend–now teen bride– Misty Croslin-Cummings. Misty was the last person to see Haleigh and her inconsistent timelines given to police have been frustrating for investigators in this case.

The property in question is just through the wooded area behind the former home of Ronald Cummings and has a green trailer on in it. The man who lives in the trailer is reported to be a rent-free tenant of a landlord who has granted him permission to reside there.

It is this trailer that has psychics and some members of Haleigh’s family convinced that the child’s body might be buried there.

Previous comments made by the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office and by Major Gary Bowling state that every square inch of the wooded area has been searched and so has the property in question.

I was filing live reports from Hermit’s Cove for 97.3 The Sky and for several CNN Headline News programs (Nancy Grace, ISSUES with Jane Velez-Mitchell and PRIME NEWS with Mike Galanos) the day the cadaver dogs were there and hit upon the dumpsters.  I saw the dogs roaming through that wooded area, but not on the property where the green trailer sits.

These requests have come in to law enforcement ever since Haleigh vanished. One woman told me she was ordered not to contact the sheriff’s office anymore with her claims regarding the trailer.

I wrote to the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office Saturday asking if another search of the property could be conducted. It wasn’t because I believe in psychics–It’s only because history shows there might be a good reason to look again.

The body of 9-year-old Jessica Lundsford might not have ever been found had it not been for the people in that Homasassa, Florida neighborhood who insisted the property where John Evander Couey had been staying be searched again.

In that case, Couey–a repeat sex offender–took the girl from her unlocked home and held her captive at the trailer where he was staying with a relative. Over several days, Couey sexually battered the girl and fed her pizza while hiding her from his relatives.  Couey panicked after police came by the trailer but didn’t bother to go inside. He dug a hole on the property, bound and gagged the girl and gave her a stuffed dolphin to hold (so she wouldn’t be afraid) as he placed her in a plastic bag and buried her alive.

Maybe this property is worth another look?

So far, over 4000 leads have come into the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office.

Putnam County Sheriff’s officials have stated repeatedly that no one has been cleared in the investigation. 
TJ Hart

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