Blogging from— PHOENIX—Republicans confidently predict the Democratic victory in the passage of healthcare legislation shall, come the November midterms be the linchpin in their return to majority rule. Every member of congress and nearly half the senate faces the American electorate and republican talking points would have the rank and file believe victory is a foregone conclusion.

The mainstream media, which tends to embrace GOP talking points as gospel truth, naturally concurred and parroted poll numbers of today, as proof of probable results in elections that have yet to be held. I would argue it depends entirely on who manages to control the message that filters into the long term perception of those independents who will decide the margin in swing districts seven months from now. As a rank and file democrat, I am naturally biased but have never hesitated to applaud the GOP when they score political points, the election of Scott Brown for example was a brilliant demonstration of partisan gamesmanship that nearly secured them a victory in healthcare and sent freshman democrats scampering for a fresh change of underwear.

While pundits praise Barack Obama and the white house is all over cable claiming credit for pulling it out at the last minute, I agree with RNC chairman Michael Steele, Speaker Nancy Pelosi owns this legislation and should get the game ball. After the GOP managed to deliver a stunning smack down in the Senate election of Scott Brown, everyone but the Speaker was smelling like a baby who’s pampers had gone unchanged for an hour too long, It was the Speaker of the House who dissuaded the President and rest of party leadership from breaking up the legislation into smaller chunks, a strategy that in retrospect wouldn’t have accomplished much to begin with.

The President’s execution of the final play in the push for healthcare was flawless but it is Nancy Pelosi who deserves the lion’s share of credit for managing to keep the battle lines from collapsing in the face of the successful and utterly unexpected GOP counter offensive.

Because Barack Obama is actually sincere when he invites others to disagree with his position and will pivot when a better argument is proffered, He listened to the Speaker and stuck to the battle plan and despite the devastating loss of Ted Kennedys seat and demise of the super majority in the senate, Democrat’s ended up celebrating a victory with Champaign everyone agrees had been on ice in the republican cloak room when the day began.

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