One of the more esoteric magazines that I subscribe to is ‘Railway Age‘.  It is a niche rag, and aimed at a very niche market. However what you find in industry rags, is the feeling of what is going on inside the industry. As the name indicates Railway Age is all about the railroad industry, it specializes in the US market, but it also talks about what is happening elsewhere on the planet.

I like trade rags, they tend to touch on subjects that the MSM (Main Stream Media) avoid like the plague, and Railway Age certainly has done that. In between the “how to make a railroad” and “what to do if the brakes fail”  there are articles that are little gems. One great example can be found in the Jan/08 issue. The title reads “Bye-Bye, Bush League Transportation?”.

We have all heard of ‘Bush” pilots, and we have heard of ‘Bushwhacked’. If Railway Age is to be believed, the industry can see nothing but good from getting ‘Bush Pilot #2’ out of the cockpit.  They pretty much seem to believe that the Railroad industry has been ‘bushwhacked’, and almost any other administration would be better.

With Oil at $110 a barrel, some of the dynamics in moving ‘stuff’ around change. A train is actually a very effective solution, it may not be as fast as a plane, it is not as flexible as a truck, but it is very cost effective. The US railroad industry has taken a big hit in the past decade, too many other options, and the options were cheap. The cost of oil changes the scene.

The Railroad industry seems to believe that a ‘Bush Free’ White House is the best way forward for the rail industry. The bottom line from the rail industry is vote democrat!

Simon Barrett

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