With mid-term elections only a few short weeks away, talk on the war in Iraq is noticeably absent from Republican campaigns. Even the ever-vigilant warrior in support of the War, President Bush, has seemingly lessened his, ‘forage ahead’ attitude. Bush is turning to a stance of ‘flexibility’, The New York Times reports.

It could be said that the Republicans, realizing their mistakes, are backing down. This shouldnt be considered the case. While Democrats have wasted no time spear-heading a campaign smearing the Republicans for a, ‘failed war’, Republicans are noticeably and probably strategically, mum on the subject. So why the ‘hush’ from the Republicans, the former ardent War on Terror supporters? I argue the reason is two-fold. One, Republicans realize America’s dissatifcation with the entire Iraq situation. With elections just around the corner, Republicans know that if they have a hope of a majority win, they must remain quiet on the issue. Now, they realize, is not the time to, ‘stir the waters’. Secondly, while Republicans may agree that the War and subsequent liberation of the Iraqi peoples is a good thing, it seems they be rethinking the pretenses and means by which this was acheived.

The smart and prudent move in politics is always to back off of the issues that will cost you numerous votes. The American people should not be fooled into thinking Republicans have with-drawn total support of the War, rather that their method of support has changed. Whether you agree with the War or not, Americans should find some comfort in knowing that there still remains people (on both sides) who wont leave what they really believe in. It will be interesting to see how this hush effects the election and how Republicans will handle the war issue after elections are over.

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