In these stressful times you might find yourself having trouble dropping off to sleep.  So many things to worry about, you know?  Well if you are in need of a good sedative tonight but are wanting to avoid heavy medication, may I recommend, hot off the presses, the “Republican Road to Recovery”.   Gingerly presented, courtesy of the overcautious Cong. John Boehner, the reserved Cong. Mike Pence and the restrained Cong. Eric Cantor.  And other noncommittal GOP types.   

Leave the Ambien and Melatonin in the medicine cabinet.  If you make it through the “Curbs Spending,pg 5” segment before the 1st  snore, don’t worry.  Coming up next is the mind numbing subject of “Universal Access to Health Care,pg 6-8” portion.  Even the most severe insomniacs will not escape  deep slumber. 

[Not to mention the fact that this portion of the document never once mentions the burden that is being placed  on our health care system by the 12-20 million illegal immigrants that were allowed in over the past 8 years.  By who?   Yes, Republicans.] 

So, if you want to waste your time reading through this “more-of-the-same” document, it might be best to do it after a good nights sleep and with a cup of strong coffee close by.   You’ll find little to disagree with, mind you.  I do not want to be critical of the content, such that it is.  Your typical Republican “appealing word groups” and “talking points”.   Like you get in the mail from the RNC when they’re begging for money.  But what floored me?  The glaring and, of course, purposeful – omissions.   Typical of Republicans over the past 8 years.   When it comes to the real hot-button, ideological issues that the voting Conservative Base wants strong action on, well our timid elected rep’s simply choose to “not discuss it”.   The more these elected ones dis and ignore the Base, the greater the hostility between the 2, hence the results  -  11/7/06 and 11/4/08.   And if this plan is the best the Republicans can come up with, so will it be on 11/2/10.  Just a short 19 months away.

Example, page 11.  Energy.  We read much of what we already know.  That the democrats will throw every obstacle possible in the path of  those wanting to dramatically increase domestic oil production.  Why do we already know it?  Because we, out here in flyover country know and aren’t afraid to talk about the fact that the democrat party is the property of the radical environmental movement.  The 2 terms, in fact are almost synonymous.   Radical greenies own this political party, make no mistake.  So why won’t these Republicans talk about this?  Why do they not have an aggressive plan of attack against these radical greenies (as we expect of them)?  Do they actually think they’re going to get any of these goals accomplished, such as drilling in Anwr or the OCS, until they decisively defeat this very determined enemy standing in the path?  No, of course not.  Republicans are cowering in fear of these environmental whacko’s. 

Republicans had an awesome opportunity recently to make a strong statement regarding this issue.  Earlier this month in New York the 2009 Int’l Conference on Climate Change was held.  This was a meeting of some of the top Climatologists who also happen to be strong skeptics of the loose theory regarding man-made climate change.  In other words, they don’t buy off on the idea that mankind is affecting the climate or weather.  Wouldn’t it have been grand to see Mr.’s Boehner, Pence and other signers of this document in attendance?  Or the newly appointed RNC chair, Michael Steele?  Or Sarah Palin?  To have them march in to that conference armed with notebook/pencils or laptops.  Ready to take notes and learn.  Or even to speak, if called upon.  Their presence alone would have bolstered this brave group of scientists and, again, it would have made an unmistakable  statement.  Loud and clear;  the Republican Party does not sign on to this flimsy theory/hoax of man made global warming.  Of course, this sort of bold challenge by Republicans “could” have been the shot heard round the world.  The democrats and the Main Stream Media would, most certainly, have skewered them for attending.  The conservative Base, however,  would have cheered. But not to worry.  None attended, to my knowledge.  Too risky.  We’ve learned not to expect this sort of boldness from our overcautious, limp wristed  Repub’s.   No, an act of bravery  like this might  cause a loss of something very dear to them – their coveted chair at the democrats “table of compromise”.   Such an egregious lost opportunity for Republicans.  Another opportunity for them to regain a bit of respect – lost. 

You want another lost opportunity?  Go back to page 9.  The Republican Plan (in bold letters) “Creates Jobs”.  Ha!  This is the one issue that cost the GOP millions of Reagan Democrats and Union Rank ‘n File worker votes on 11/4/08.  And probably cost them the POTUS election.  And, sadly, the authors of this document are too blind to see it.  I searched the  entire segment and document searching for something that might indicate that it might possibly be time, what with 8%+ unemployment, to insure that  all U.S. jobs go to U.S. citizens or Immigrants that are in country legally.  Here’s what I found: ( link )  What a joke!  Very little at all on how they plan to create any jobs.   Not one mention, either,  of the 12-20 million U.S. jobs being taken by the 12-20 million illegal immigrants presently in this country.  Most of which came while the Republicans were on watch.  Nor did these illustrious Republicans  put forth a plan to require employers to attach an E-Verify printout to each employees signed I-9  form.  This simple solution would rapidly  encourage our “illegal visitors”, once the jobs dried up, to return to their nation of origin.  And would open up millions of good paying warehouse, construction and even “janitorial” jobs for U.S. workers.  These are not lettuce harvesting, bus-boy or leaf blower jobs but are, in fact, the jobs that Americans will take. 

This document demonstrates that the GOP appears unable to reject special interests.  Or turn, re-focus on and re-connect with the actual Conservative Voting Base.  The Base that kept them in power for so many years.  And they lack the will to aggressively oppose special interests, the democrats and radical environmentalists.  That is what is lacking in this document.  How will they oppose and defeat the left?  A battle that must be waged before we ever move the Nation again in a rightward direction. 

Instead we have watered down, lifeless “glowing generalities” such as we find in this document.  Nothing here that will inspire or reignite the former and estranged GOP Base, sadly.  Its almost childish.  Like a kid talking about what they’re going to do when they get to Disneyland.  “Sounds great!” you ask.  “When will you go and how will you get there?”  The reply;  A blank stare and shrug of the shoulders. 

So, my fellow conservatives, this isn’t the Big Plan or Contract we’ve all been waiting/hoping for.  Might as well just roll over and go back to sleep.  Darvin Dowdy



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