G.O.P contenders gathering on Michigan’s Mackinac Island may disagree on who amongst them is better qualified to lead the Republic but they are all seem to be of one mind who is to blame for where we are. 

They would rather not be asked about current republican President George Bush. However when pressed on the subject each provides a still developing perlustration of the current commander in chiefs stint at the helm of our ship of state.

Perhaps the most revealing insight comes from his less then 50% approval rating by rank and file republicans. 

While Mitt Rommey won the weekends straw poll with a hefty 39% the campaigns have yet begin the much anticipated process of throwing heaping helpings of mud and slander at each other. Rommey a practicing Mormon comes from a culture where character assassination is not a confrontational sport. Mitt Rommey is by all accounts a decent hard working family man who by chance happens to embrace a religious faith who’s practices will be used to ridicule and demonize him long before the delegates even begin to pack for the convention. 

While none of the other’s would say it,  Mitt is the whack a mole candidate being pushed out ahead to see how democratic candidates are firming up tactics. Then like the God Father movie he will be taken out for a boat ride. And poor Mitt like Michael’s brother Fredo will climb into the boat smiling.

Fred Thompson is the choice of powers that be amongst the nefarious individuals who manage our Republics military industrial complex. In past years that alone would have settled the matter save for the advent of the Internet and a loss of control over information.  While most Americans often seem like intellectual pygmies too easily persuaded duck tape and plastic will protect them from biological weapons. When they choose to stop and think about an issue it usually spells doom for who ever happens to be currently pulling strings behind the curtain.

The President is the 2008 pound out of control gorilla throwing neoconservative crap all around the tent of republican politics and those eager to say I ACCEPT YOUR NOMINATION are attempting to avoid the splatter while at the same time offer with a straight face a positive overall assessment of the beasts behavior.  

While Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her leadership skills seem to define the concept of a political “pussy”.

I speculate Hillary or Obama or Biden will when the last republican standing shows up for a face off open up a can of industrial strength whup ass politics. And it will probably be Fred wishing he had confined his presidential aspirations to playing the part in movies.

P.S. Burton

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