Reporters Without Borders’ press release raises several concerns about  the announcement of arrests in the murder last year of independent Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya, reported.  We also noted that the Russian prosecutor pointed to unidentified ‘persons outside of Russia’ as the masterminds of Politkovskaya’s murder. Murders in Russia of many other independent journalists still remain unsolved.  At the same time, the Russian authorities are clamping down on idependent domestic media. Due to pressure from the government regulators and security services, many media outlets in Russia have stopped rebroadcasting Russian-language news programs from international broadcasters such as the BBC, the Voice of America, and Radio Liberty. see story:


BBC World Service removed from FM radio station; government pressure suspected

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The arrests, announced today, of 10 people including interior ministry and FSB (security service) officials for last October’s murder of journalist Anna Politkovskaya have taken nearly a year and are the first concrete sign of progress in the case, although, according to Vladimir Putin in December, it has been assigned “the best police and judicial professionals,” Reporters Without Borders said.

“We hope this announcement has not been made solely to defuse the protests of NGOs and questions from journalists who want the case solved,” the press freedom organisation said. “We have in the past seen announcements by the Russian authorities that have been made just for effect. And most of the investigations into the murders of journalists have never been concluded.”

Reporters Without Borders continued: “We are concerned that unnamed persons ‘outside Russia’ have been identified as the masterminds of Politkovskaya’s murder. Contrary to what the prosecutor-general says, there were people inside the country interested in silencing her and the investigation should be looking into this. Link to RSF press release

Link to article AFP report on arrests in Politkovskaya’s murder case FREE for Web placement Russian prosecutor blames the murder on foreign provocation

More stories about media situation in Russia can be found on Russia Page. is a San Francisco-based NGO providing free news content to idependent journalists and supporting media freedom worldwide. 

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