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Six-year-old Haleigh Cummings was taken from her Satsuma, FL home in Hermit’s Cove nearly 11 months ago in the middle of the night and we are no closer to finding her or knowing the actual events of that night than were then.

Let us take you back to that night….

* VIDEO/Transcript: The 911 Call from FOX News Channel
* AUDIO/Text Police Radio (Audio) Transmissions and Transcript 
* VIDEO: Sheriff Jeff Hardy
* VIDEO: WSKY Asks Major Gary Bowling About The Updated Amber Alert and Asks About Misty’s Alleged Whereabouts
* VIDEO: The Nancy Grace Recap

Most of what has followed has included a variety of sideshows including:

* The marriage and divorce of Haleigh’s father, Ronald Cummings, and babysitter Misty Croslin
* VIDEO: The discovery of Misty’s partying and her party pals the weekend before Haleigh was abducted
* Various fights, arguments and incarcerations of the Croslin clan  

Some of what has followed did make news as the search for the child continued:

* The Draining of The Pond at The Mondex
* A Jail House Letter

Now, many people are anxious for answers and are even calling on the various law enforcement agencies to make an arrest in the disappearance of this little girl. Investigators claim that it difficult to do with the very little evidence they have.

A devoted follower of this case wrote a letter to the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office that according to the Florida Sunshine Laws, as this person understood it, meant the agency was required to provide more information to the public than what has been given so far.

This is the response this person received from PCSO:

* Page 1

* Page 2



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