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Ever since 97.3 The Sky and first published the public records regarding the dismissed bar complaint against a former attorney involved in the missing 6-year-old Haleigh Cummings dealings that was filed by the missing child’s mother on, a virtual storm of emailed claims, rebuttals and counter claims from attorney Kim Picazio and a blogger known as Kendall Clark have flooded our computers.

In the complaint, Crystal Sheffield alleged that her pro-bono attorney Kim Picazio violated Rule 4-1.6 by disclosing confidential information concerning her representation of Crystal related to the search and investigation of her missing child, Haleigh Cummings. Crystal also contend that Ms. Picazio did not act with diligence in filing a modification of her child support. Ms. Picazio responded to the allegations in the complaint and rebuttal with specific denials of each allegation and a detailed history of her involvement in the case.

From The Florida Bar:

Initial Complaint
(See attached file: Object_12902BE_0.PDF)
Respondent Ltr – 15 Day Letter
(See attached file: Object_129045A_0.DOC)
Certificate of Disclosure
(See attached file: Object_130874E_0.PDF)
Response to 15 day Letter
(See attached file: Object_130C2E2_0.PDF)
Complainant Ltr – Fwding Copy of
(See attached file: Object_130C332_0.DOC)
Rebuttal of Complainant
(See attached file: Object_13AC536_0.PDF)
Correspondence from Respondent
(See attached file: Object_1429486_0.PDF)
Complainant Ltr – Close All Documents Reviewed No Violations
(See attached file: Complainant Ltr – Close All Documents Reviewed No Violations.doc)

In this 97.3 The Sky exclusive podcast interview from Friday November 13, 2009, attorney Kim Picazio and shared with blames a blogger for spreading falsehoods over the internet and worming her way into the confidence of Marie Griffis and Crystal Sheffield.


Some of the more volatile claims Picazio made in the interview suggested that the blogger-in-question was also involved as a moderator for a Haleigh Cummings forum that was operated by a high-risk sex offender.

Picazio did not refer to the blogger by name.

The alleged blogger who is sometimes referred to as Pirate Lady, contacted 97.3 The Sky via email and telephone this week, has identified herself as Kendall Clark.

Clark informed 97.3 The Sky and via email that she will not do any interviews, but she did tell 97.3 The Sky that she released a statement on a blog site.

Wednesday evening, Picazio issued a statement regarding the events.

As of this moment, 97.3 The Sky a mountain of prepared statements, releases, screenshots, copies of emails and a list of computer language that is supposed to identify IP addresses and more. 97.3 The Sky’s IT professionals are looking over everything to verify or dismiss claims of authenticity made by each and every provider of each piece of data sent.

The attorneys will likely have to be called in to review all the pieces of material before 97.3 The Sky even considers publishing anything further on this matter.

TJ Hart

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