New Orleans Congressman William Jefferson has won re – election despite the bribery scandal that he is embroiled in. It seems voters in the area are not concerned enough about the situation to remove him from office. It is disappointing, but not surprising, in an area that put Mayor Ray Nagin back in office. Nagin was re-elected, despite the fact that he completely failed his City prior to Hurricane Katrina, by having absolutely no Emergency Plan in place for his city. The only thing that saved Nagin, was the fact that the Main Stream media chose to maintain the constant focus on the Fema shortcomings, rather than the total and complete failure of the Mayors administration to plan, coordinate and mitigate an Emergency. The taxpayers, who failed to hold Nagin responsible, were misled.  One thing the Nation should have learned from Katrina, is that Fema is a coordinating agency, When they arrive at a disaster, there must be a plan and infrastructure in place for them to work with. Any Coastal City or Town that did not learn that, is hanging their future on hopes of a good weather forecast.



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