by Ric Ottaiano  

October 4, 2006

Rep. Foley should resign and crawl into the hole he climbed out of never to be seen or heard from again. If he did anything beyond send lurid, shocking and outrageous IMs to an underage page, he should be figuratively drawn and quartered by the judicial system (what should happen to him outside the system in that event, I will not comment upon).

To make matters worse, Foley has resorted to the tried and true reversal of field refined to an art form by the progressives in modern society, and known as the “I’m a victim, too” defense. He has blamed his reprehensible behavior on alchoholism, latent homosexuality and childhood molestation by a clergyman. Of course, he has thrown out this last bit of history with the qualification that it isn’t being offered as an excuse for his recent conduct. Well then, why bring it up at all? He might as well have mentioned that he played Little League baseball.

As for the Democrats, allow me to mention just a few names: Barney Frank, Gerry Studs and William Jefferson.

Foley is a low-life worm who is getting what he deserves. But Barney Frank and William Jefferson still serve Congress with distinction, and Gerry Studs was re-elected five times after having done precisely the same thing as Foley. The difference? They are all Democrats.

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