According to a recent report a renowned doctor and reseracher who is a well know expert in the area of the asbestos related cancer, meostheliomna, has joined the United States Oncology Research network. Ine his role Dr. Nicholas J. Vogelzang will serve as the Medical Director and chair of the Developmental Therapeutics Committee and will be caring for patients at the Comprehensive Cancer Centers of Nevada.

The doctor has said that the new role will present many excellent opporunities to improve research and look for treatments for this asbestos related cancer. He said that it will mean greater access to clinical trials as well as the opporunity to network with other asbestos related disease industry experts.

He is known as one of the leading experts in his field, and has previously worked at the University of Chicago as director of the university’s Cancer Research Center. He has also been the director of the Nevada Cancer Institute.

Dr. Stephen Jones, M.D., medical director of the US Oncology Research network, stated: “The addition of Dr. Vogelzang, who is well known for his work in GU malignancies and drug development only strengthens our ability to perform at a very high level.”

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