Reno 911 Cover

For anyone as tired, tired, sick and tired, tired and sick of cop shows and reality shows, there is no better palate cleanser than Reno 911 – which revels in being politically incorrect in every way that it is possible to be politically incorrect. I actually suspect the creators must be sending out exploratory expeditions to other galaxies and dimensions in order to discover hitherto unknown means of offending on every level. This is comedy improvisation as anarchic and at such a manic level as to bring back fond memories of parodies like “Top Secret!” and “Police Squad!” If a gag fell flat, not to worry, there were about six or seven more coming along right on top of it, at least half of them guaranteed to smack the funny-bone dead center. And like “Top Secret!” and “Police Squad” the humor is character-based: unlike those examples, Reno911 boasts a generous assortment of regulars and reoccurring characters. Alas, three deputies were dispatched in a massive explosion which ended season 5, but replacements are on the way. And the firing of an antique cannon at a memorial service, which winds up demolishing a squad car in a somewhat unexpected fashion? Well, that was suitable, considering the officers being mourned – as well as being creatively giggle-worthy. Another highlight in season 6 is the discovery of ancient tapes of the deputies – affording a look at the characters some twenty years previously, including Lt. Dangle actually wearing long pants, and Deputy Wiegal with long hair. It also emerges that Wiegal is brain-damaged (from an explosion in an apparent crack house), which explains a lot about her character. And Terry the roller-skating prostitute tries to run for political office … mmm – comments on that topic would practically write themselves. Extras include some outtakes, which would hardly be missed, and a pair of character sketches on the two new regulars. And I would seriously like to know how this show actually goes down among the sheriff’s departments in Reno and Sparks, Nevada; one hopes they can bring themselves to be good sports about it. Reno 911 – Season 6 is available from and other retail outlets.

Sgt. Mom is a free-lance writer and member of the Independent Authors Guild who lives in San Antonio and contributes to the on-line literary magazine, The Deepening. Her current book project, “The Adelsverein Trilogy” is also available at and selected local outlets. More about her books is at her website

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