Reno announces the launch of this year’s annual Artown on July 1. This Artown, unlike the others, not only showcases the endeavors of small timers striving to get their work noticed, but also consists of major artists and has a variety of big-time singers like Joan Osborne, Hell’s Kitchen, and the Indigo Girls.

Some of the events have either have a $5 cover charge, but there is the option of donating can goods as an alternative payment to the cover charge. And most of the events are actually considered free. The majority of the art galleries are free this year.

Artown is an event that happens every summer in Reno. It caters to not only artists, but also musicians and performers as well. As an added twist, 2007’s Artown activities will be broken into specific age groups. For kids, there will be respectively be Artown and perhaps an Artown group for teens. Adults that are over the age of 21, there will be a new ‘Artown After Dark” venue.

For the musicians at heart, there will be an array of music from around the world, including regions such as Italy, Brazil, and Sri Lanka. Every Friday while Artown is being held, there will be musical performances at Wingfield Park.

For those that are interested, please visit the website:

Sources: RN&R (Reno News and Review) May 31-June 6, 2007


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