I started working on an article earlier this morning about Representative Charles Rangel and his attempt to throw the race card into the healthcare reform debate.  In researching past quotes of Charles Rangel, I came across a quote of his which makes me want to immediately fly to New York or Washington DC, wherever this uneducated toolbag is at, and confront him about it.  The quote reads:

“Meanwhile, our young men and women whose economic circumstances make military service a viable career choice are dying bravely in a war with no end in sight.”

For those who do not know me already, I am a United States Marine.  I have been a United States Marine for over 15 years.  I say that not to receive accolades or “thank you’s” from anyone.  I did not join the military due to some “economic circumstance” which, according to your wording, made me settle for such a second-rate career.  

As I try to respond to this I am so flooded with anger and disbelief that I can’t even properly put my thoughts together.  This is an elected official representing the United States of America!!  The same United States that successfully defeated a far superior, better funded, British Army to gain their independence.  The same United States that fought to defeat Hitler and the Nazis in Europe.  The same United States that maintains the best trained, most powerful, most educated ALL VOLUNTEER fighting force this world has ever been witness to!!

New York allows this man…this weak, ill informed, uneducated, hate-mongoring, instigating coward to represent to represent them???  Either he should be removed from New York or the Statue of Liberty should be moved from New York to a State which is accurately represented by what she stands for!!

Let me give you a bit of education Mr. Rangel, scratch that…I don’t have enought respect to call you Mr. Rangel, Chuck.

I have served my country honorably, as so many other military members have in the past, the present, and will continue to well into the future.  There are many reasons I joined the Marine Corps Chuck.  Let me introduce a few new words to your vocabulary, which you obviously have little knowledge regarding:

LIBERTY- It is freedom at the center of why people join the military, Chuck.  Sure some are attracted by other things as well, but the vast majority of the military is filled with freedom loving Americans who want to perform a job each day that they can be proud of.  As hard as it is for me to admit this, I am proud to defend your right to say and act as you please, as ignorant as you may be, you are free to do it.  

PATRIOTIC- I am as patriotic as they come.  I still get a little choked up at times when I see our nations flag and hear our national anthem before a sporting event.  I feel so strongly about liberty and our constitution that I want to do my part to preserve what we have in this great nation

HONOR- There is no more honorable act a man or woman can do in this country than to volunteer to defend the rights and liberties of the citizens of this country.  There is an honor those of us who serve get to experience that others do not. 

FREEDOM- We believe in freedom so strongly that we are willing to lay our lives down in order to preserve it.  I understand that this type of dedication is certainly foreign to you, Chuck.

Liberty, Patriotism, Honor, Freedom!!!  This country does not oppress it’s inhabitants to the point that they are forced to join the military, Chuck.  You would love to think that true though, wouldn’t you Chuck?  That would allow you to preach your hateful words and split this nation along racial lines.  After all, that’s all you have to keep you in office, isn’t it Chuck?  If you didn’t have the race card to play everyday, and the curtains were opened to reveal any real substance or qualifications you have to perform the job title you have, this nation and the State of New York would find you sorely lacking! 

Liberty, Patriotism, Honor, Freedom!!!  These are words which are like a foreign language to you.  After all, these terms aren’t regularly mentioned when discussing the investigations by two House sub-committees into your personal finances and fund-raising, which have revealed that you failed to report hundreds of thousands of dollars in income.  Not a lot of honor going on in that, is there Chuck?

New York, please do this nation and yourselves a favor and remove this undeserving cretin from office, and relocate him, preferably to a prison cell.

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