If you’re a retailer currently occupying an older space, you need to do some investigation. Customers place such a high value on the organization, cleanliness, and modern look of a store. Displays that showcase modern style and current products work the best. Your retail space needs to invite customers into a place of progress and light. Is your store stuck in the 90s? If so, it’s time to upgrade that old retail store to a contemporary storefront. Let’s take a look at the process of remodeling a store.

If your building is older than a few decades, there might be some bad news lurking within your store. Everyone knows about the dangers of asbestos and many of us consider the fear to be unfounded in present times. Unfortunately, this isn’t the truth.  Asbestos is still a silent predator. You’re going to need to test your space for asbestos contamination, and renovation plans on an old store must include asbestos sampling. Trust in a hazard analysis firm to sample your building. Not only is asbestos a threat, many other contaminants should be searched for as well. Maybe the walls of your store have lead contamination in the paint. The fight against mold is ever-present in humid areas of the country. A clear report is needed to know what steps to take.

A qualified remediation contractor will help you find the risks presented in your space. If you’re doing a fast remodel, they’ll get results back to you quickly. Quality control and abatement testing is no joke. With the public entering your store, you’re liable to provide a healthy and clean space. Make sure you test your building with a qualified firm. Since contractors are located all across the United States, finding one should be a breeze. They will come, take sample, and then quickly return the results. By the time you get the “all clear,” you’ll be ready to start the real work.

Slatwall systems are truly the best for retail spaces. They’re simple to set up, last nearly forever, and provide your shop with a modern look. Picture how clean your shop would look having a nice, organized steel slatwall system! Throw out those old plastic displays and upgrade to a system that will last nearly forever. Assembly is very simple: just snap the walls together and place them on the walls of your space. You should always choose steel over plastic. Steel doesn’t rust easily, looks sleek, and provides a futuristic look for your retail space.

It’s clear to see how a modern retail space leads to higher sales volume. If you’re ready to remodel, start planning now. Take stock of the state of your store, draw up some plans, take samples for testing, and design your new space! Most remodels can be done in a short amount of time so there’s no need to panic about lost sales. By the time you open up the doors again, your customers will be absolutely thrilled with the progress you’ve made!

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