Richard Enyart is a 40-year old single white male. I have no idea what nickname (if any) he uses, but let’s call him Dickie. It’s fitting.

He works as an engineer at an architectural firm in Columbus, Ohio. He has a nice little home in the suburbs with an above ground pool that lots of the neighborhood children like to use. Dickie’s house is a great place to go play, because after you swim, he does arts and crafts projects with you. Kids love him. And he loves them, too.

Last Saturday, Dickie was arrested and accused of hiding a video camera in the bathroom of his home, so that he could surreptitiously tape neighborhood girls as they changed into and out of their bathing suits. Because he had no record, he was released after posting a $20,000 bond for two felony counts of pandering videos of nude minors.

At the time of his arrest, police had seized 54 homemade video tapes and 329 homemade DVDs. They started watching them and realized that they had Dickie for a whole lot more than just pandering videos, because every single one of the videos featured Dickie and a young girl.

After they quickly re-arrested Dickie, they went back to his home with another warrant and removed even more tapes, CDs, DVDs and computer hardware from his home.

At last report, officials had watched 30 of the films and on every one of them Dickie can be seen raping little girls — at least six different ones so far, all of them aged 5 to 8 — who are curiously unresponsive and apparently oblivious of the fact that they’re being raped. Their stupors may be explained by some other things the cops found — including sex toys, literature about date rape drugs and drugs that cause memory loss.

Photos show Dickie after some other prisoners got hold of him. Hopefully, they’ll keep up the good work for however long Dickie winds up being behind bars. However long it winds up being, it won’t be long enough.

The Columbus Dispatch : Suspect in videotaping of girls charged with rape || The Columbus Dispatch : Suspect in videotaping of girls charged with rape || Just Google Itâ„¢! || Kate blogs at The Original Musings.

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