RelishaThe man that is suspected to have kidnapped the 8 year old girl, Relisha Rudd from Washington D.C., was found dead in Kenilworth Park. Police say it seems he died from apparent suicide.

The man, Kahlil Tatum, 51 was found Monday in a park and the police say he died from an apparent gunshot wound. Washington Police Chief, Cathy Lanier said the discovery of the man’s death was a shock for them because they were searching for the child.

Kahlil TatumRelisha Rudd has not been seen since March 1, 2014. Her mother allowed her to spend time with Tatum and she had not been reported missing until school officials became concerned because Relisha had not been to school. The child’s mother and grandmother gave the school officials Tatum’s phone number, telling them he was the little girl’s doctor. When they called him he told them she had been sick and that was why she hadn’t been in school. Tatum was actually a janitor at the homeless shelter where Relisha lived with her family.

During the investigation and search for Relisha, the body of Tatum’s wife was found in a motel room in Oxon Hill, Maryland. She had been shot in the head. The police issued a warrant for the arrest of Tatum for his wife’s murder.

On March 2 the police say that Tatum bought a box of 42 gallon trash bags and was seem in the area of the park, in the northeastern sector of Washington DC.

Now their main concern is locating Relisha. Where can she be? Lanier says the search will continue for Relisha, divers searched for her in the Anacostia River yesterday/ Some fear now that Tatum is dead that the little girl must be too, yet others are still hanging onto the hope that she is alive.

Anyone that has any information on the whereabouts of Relisha Rudd please contact the Metropolitan Police Department at 202-727-9099.

I pray she will be found soon and unharmed. May God be with her!

Jan Barrett

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