What do you get when you bring the very irreverent Bill Maher of ‘Politically Incorrect’ fame, and Larry Charles of Borat fame together to make a documentary? You get trouble is the answer, trouble with a capital T.

Due for an October release Religulous takes a poke at the worlds religions. Information is scant at the moment, but Bill Maher’s views on religion are relatively well known, so you can guarantee that this project is going to create a whole bundle of grumbline from the various groups that get lampooned. To quote Bill Maher:

Comedically, the topic of religion is like hitting the side of a barn – it’s literally hard to miss

A teaser website appeared recently http://disbeliefnet.com/ which I would bet my bottom dollar is connected with the movie. If you are squeamish about religion bashing you may want to avoid it, personally I thought parts were pretty funny though.

My guess is that buzz about Religulous is going to build over the next few months. And by October it likely will have the religious types with knots in their knickers!

I will be following this story closely, I can just see good times coming around the bend. Nothing beats a good controversial movie for some genuinely stupid remarks out of otherwise fairly sensible people.

Simon Barrett


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