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The shootings of little Amish girls in Lancaster County this week shocked that rural area, if not the whole country, because violence like that was so unexpected in such a quiet farming community. Another small community, no more than a speck on the map of Kansas, saw the headlines the shooting made as an opportunity.

If you’re thinking an anti-gun protest, you’re way off base, but not as off base as these people are. Members of the Westboro Baptist Church announced plans to picket the children’s funerals, because they have a gripe with Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell.

On the Westboro Baptist Church website, the group claims, and this is a quote, “The Amish school girls were killed by a madman in punishment for Gov. Ed Rendell’s blasphemous sins against Westboro Baptist Church. Gov. Ed Rendell — speaking and acting in his official capacity to bind the State of Pennsylvania — slandered and mocked and ridiculed and condemned Westboro Baptist Church on national Fox TV. We are continuing to pray for even worse punishment upon Pennsylvania.” Rendell’s big sin? The Westboro group has made a name for itself by protesting at the funerals of US soldiers who died in combat in Iraq, and Ed had a few things to say about that.

Radical Muslims have been in the news, and written about here too, because of their incessant festering of hate in the name of Allah, but that’s not the only breeding ground for hate in the name of God. You might think the website for the Westboro group might be something like, but it’s actually named God Hates Fags. They also play host to God Hates America, God Hates Sweden, and God Hates Canada. That’s an awful lot of hate for some folks that live on a dusty plain out in the middle of nowhere. Better yet, they call their protests Love Crusades.

Fortunately, since this story first broke, the group has decided to call off the Lancaster protest, in exchange for some air time on a radio talk show. They’ve still made our Wacko List though, along with others we’ve featured here [it’s in the archives]. Scanning news articles about Westboro has also brought to light two other possible nominations. Because of the Westboro bunch, the state of Kentucky passed a law banning protests at military funerals and memorial sevices, something any decent human would agree with. Our new nominations? The Federal Judge that struck the law down, and the ACLU for filing a grievance in the first place.

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