Reliance Infocomm lauched its EDVO technology based internet connectivity service a few months back. This broadband service over the moblie network was marketed with the promise that it works over the CDMA network across over 26000 towers all over the country.

This wide connectivity was considered a special feature which gave the service a marketing advantage over comparable services of its competitors such as Tata Indicom.

Unfortunately however, within a few months of its launching, the service appears to have hit a technical road block where it is not available over the CDMA network. Some of the specific failures have been observed in towns of Tamil Nadu such as Katpadi and Jolarpettai etc all along the Chennai-Bangalore train link.

The problem appears to be generic in the form of authentication failure and could have arisen due to the inability of the system to synchronize the authentications servers. It is expected that the problem will recur in all CDMA towers. The help desks donot appear to have any clue to the problem and conveniently avoid response by putting the callers on hold until their patience run out.

Since the failure is a major deficiency of service limiting the utility of the service to the consumer, it would be unwise for Reliance to continue to advertise that the service would be available all over India. This would amount to a false and misleading claim and may expose the company to consumer action.

I therefore draw the attention of the Chairman of Reliance Infocomm to protect the image of the Company by withdrawing the misleading advertisements forthwith.


E-Consumer Activist

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