With almost weekly revelation’s of Scandal, corruption and incompetence. While mired in a civil war that more then two thirds of the American people want over yesterday, Which a majority are beginning to feel may have been the result of intelligence manipulated to the point of out right deception at the highest level of the administration. The party may be over for the religious right.

Evangelical Christianity’s unchallenged dominance of the republican party and its platform, May face a Stalin like purge as the election cycle gears into the fall.

While the Presidents Generals prepare to offer the much anticipated September report on the success of the surge, Party leaders may be preparing to demand the President begin bringing the troops home. Or supply Democrats with enough votes to force an end to continued funding of American participation in the Iraq civil war.

Traditional and otherwise moderate republican office holders in both the congress and State houses are unabashedly beginning to distance themselves from both the President and his policies. 

A distinct current of separation between traditional republican conservatism and George Bush’s brand of evangelical Christian neoconservatist can be discerned between the candidates and changes taking place at the R.N.C   

While the G.O.P candidates must court and turn out the religious right vote to win the white house. At the same time they risk losing independents and conservative democrats if they begin to sound like a Bushie.

Scandal touching so many shepherds of the Christian rights flock are also contributing to division and animosity between the faithful. Who could have otherwise been counted on to vote in block for who ever the National Association of Evangelicals anointed as God’s choice. 

Many rank and file Christians are beginning to question why it was when Republicans were in control of the congress, the white house and supreme court, None of the core issues that drove them to the polls seem to translate into promised legislation.

In private the majority of liberal and moderate pundits predict a landslide for who ever wins the democratic nomination while conservative commentators think if Hillary is the choice they have a chance albeit an outside one.

The wild cards are the war, the economy and what effects any moderate to devastating  “terror related incidents” would have on daily life.

While Karl Roves tactic of exploiting fear of terror to cultivate support worked wonders for several elections, Last Novembers tidal wave of repudiation was if anything a consequence related to basic human psychology, Fear is a negative reinforcement that requires ever greater degrees of application to remain effective.

A terror incident at this point, especially were it a related to our leaky boarders could be seen as a failure by conservatives to protect the country. 

During his time in power George Bush has borrowed and spent more money then all previous democratic or republican administrations combined, made the government bigger and more intrusive in the lives of Americans then communist China and eviscerated the rule of law.

It may be the next Republican candidate for President can win only by pledging to undo everything George Bush has done, put an end to out of control spending, return to the rule of law and restore individual rights of privacy and freedom from unwarranted government intrusion in daily life. It would be a theme Ronald Reagan used with success when he was the Republican candidate.   

P.S Burton The Phoenix Sentinel

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