is reporting that the man accused of kidnapping his 7 year old daughter, Reigh Rockefeller reportedly made an exchange of cash for gold according to a law enforcement source with knowledge of the investigation.

The detectives involved with the investigation think that putting his money into gold could be a part of his elaborate escape with his daughter. Reigh has been caught in the middle of a bitter custody dispute between her mother and father.

They were last seen Sunday at 7:30 pm at Grand Central Terminal in New York City. Authorities found out about the gold the same day they found out that an Ipswich woman said that Clark Rockefeller paid her $500 to drive him and his daughter to New York City from Boston.

Aileen Ang, 30 told WBZ-AM radio that she didn’t know Rockefeller’s daughter was going to be with him when she agreed to drive him. She said when she picked him up she was surprised to see his daughter with him. He told her he had custody of the child so she didn’t think anything about it. “She was happy playing in the back,” said Ang. “She was actually saying… I can’t quote exactly, but it was kind of like I love you too much daddy and he would respond I love you even more, so it was kind of, I thought, normal.”

Ang said Rockefeller told her that he recently bought a yacht and he and his daughter was going sailing, possibly to Bermuda. “Nobody knew for sure what he was going to do because he could have just been feeding me lines to make me think something else,” Ang said.

Police have been searching for the man and girl in New York and on the high seas. Detectives say that a friend of Rockefeller’s told them that Rockefeller said he bought the yacht with gold bars according to a law enforcement official which police are trying to verify now.

Jan Barrett

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