Finally after searching for 7 year old Reigh Rockefeller for six days, she has been found. Her father, Clark Rockefeller has been arrested after police busted him in Baltimore. He now faces charges of felony kidnapping, assault and battery and battery with a dangerous weapon according to

Rockefeller, 48 was arrested at 3:25 pm Saturday after being tipped off by a real estate agent leased Rockefeller an apartment in the Mount Vernon area of Baltimore. FBI Special Agent Noreen Gleason said he was cooperative with them when the arrest was made.

Police had been staking out the apartment for two days saying they didn’t want to approach him while he was inside in fear he would use the child to protect himself and cause her harm.

The FBI came up with a plan to lure Rockefeller out of the apartment by calling him and telling him his boat was taking on water that was docked two miles away at the Anchorage Marina.

The FBI used Lauren Gritzer’s apartment to stake out Rockefeller’s apartment from her second floor living room and kitchen windows.

Gritzer, who is a researcher at Johns Hopkins University, said she had seen several boxes inside Rockefeller’s apartment. She said he built a 6 ft fence in the back yard to block anyone from viewing inside. She said she never seen the little girl though. She also remarked that even at night she never saw any lights on inside.

FBI agents watched from Gritzer’s apartment for 5 hours until they lured him out with the call about his boat was made. When he came out to go check on the boat they got him and others went inside to look for Reigh.

Police Commissioner Edward F. Davis said that Reigh’s mother, Sandra Boss was overjoyed by the news.

Lee said that when he and Gleason gave Boss the news that Reigh had been found unharmed, she collapsed in his arms. He also said that being able to give the mother this news that her daughter was safe was one of the best moments of his police career. reports that Gleason said at a news conference in Boston, “Her first words was they she was happy to see nice people.” Police Deputy Superintendent Tom Lee said the little girl was a little nervous about being left alone. reports that the FBI agents put Reigh on the phone to talk to her mother. “She said, ‘Daddy left me alone but these nice people came to get me,” a police source said.

Sandra Boss, who is a London executive rushed to Baltimore to be with her daughter as soon as she was told they found her safe. 

Rockefeller and his wife Boss were divorced last year and she took the daughter and moved to London. She flew to Boston after a supervised visit was arranged with Rockefeller. That is when he grabbed Reigh while with the social worker and fled with her. He paid a woman $500 to drive him to New York from Boston, but the woman had no knowledge that he was kidnapping his daughter.

It is nice to have a happy ending in cases like this. I for one am happy to hear that little Reigh Rockefeller was found to be safe.

Jan Barrett

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