The Cincy Enquirer gives us the inspiring story of a regular Joe just looking out for his own best interest. And his best interest, as far as he and many other of his coworkers are concerned, is to stay OUT of the United Auto Workers union.

Brian Howard is the operator of the website where he helps keep his coworkers informed on the latest union machinations and news. But, he is often portrayed by the UAW and the media as, “big, bad Toyota preventing the union.”

But, Howard is not “Toyota,” he is just a worker that doesn’t want to be forced into a union. And he isn’t alone. The majority of the Toyota employees in Williamstown, Kentucky agree with him.

Fewer than 20 percent would vote to join the UAW, he said. “Hard-core, dead-set against it, I’d say 40 percent or more.”

“The UAW knows they do not have and will never have the votes to win an election,” says Howard’s co-worker Marvin Robbins. “So they want to take the rights of the workers away and not have an election.”

And, even more to the point the employees are getting sick of the UAW’s harassment.

“The majority are sick of the harassment,” Robbins said. “You would think the UAW would get the message after 20 years, but they are so desperate for membership they continue to show up where they are clearly not wanted or needed.”

The unions have little support in the Toyota plant. The employees are important to the management and the two work hand in hand.

But, the Cincy story gives us the problem that these happy employees face…

The UAW has been unable to get even half of Toyota’s Georgetown workers to sign cards in support. But the union could win anyway if Congress eliminates secret ballots.

The doublespeak “Employee Free Choice Act” introduced by Democrats would force companies to accept a union if 51 percent of workers sign cards in support. And it’s too easy to bully workers into signing cards.

Once again, I am struck with the hostility that unions and Democrats show “the people” that they claim to represent. You see, Democrats and unions aim to take away your freedom of choice. They hate your ability to decide for yourself.

Let us hope that these vicious measures can be defeated. It will be folks like Brian Howard and his that will lead the charge.

Good luck, Brian. You’ll need it.

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