adam-brown.jpgThis is just another good reason that sex offenders should NEVER be allowed free on the streets again. Adam Brown, 49, is listed on the state of Oregon’s sexual registry lists as a predatory sex offender known to target children ages 2 – 8.

According to the court records this man was charged with 43 counts, including rape and murder, in connection to a series of sexual assaults against children in Douglas County, Oregon. He also got lucky with the prosecutor who allowed charges of exposing several children to the HIV virus through sexual contact to be dropped during a plea deal.

Brown plead guilty to three counts of sodomy and was sentenced to 15 years in prison but after 11 years he was let out on parole. Last year he had his parole transferred from Douglas County to Multnomah County, where he is presently paroled but the part that really bother’s me is that it is reported that he was being supervised as a “high risk” offender. So, why was this man set free if they considered him being a high risk? He should have never been set free.

Just after 2:00 Sunday afternoon he entered a Wendy’s Restaurant in the 2900 block of NE Sandy Blvd. The police were told that Brown grabbed a ten year old boy and forced him inside the restroom. He allegedly tried to sexually assault the boy but the boy started fighting back and screaming. While the two were struggling Brown apparently ended up stabbing the boy multiple times. The child’s father heard screaming and went to the restroom but couldn’t get in because the door was locked from the inside. He ran for the manager of the restaurant who came with the key. Brown unlocked the door and shoved the boy out.

The boy was rushed to the hospital and had to have surgery. The reports are that the wounds he received would have been life threatening if he hadn’t have received medical attention right away. So thank God he didn’t die.

Patrons in the place shoved against the restroom door holding Brown in there while the police evacuated the restaurant. A Special Emergency Response Team was called in when Brown told them he had a gun. It took the police two hours before he finally surrendered. The police found the knife that he probably used on the boy but there was no gun found.

Now Adam Brown faces several charges including attempted murder, four counts of first degree assault, first degree sex abuse, first degree kidnapping, first degree arson, coercion and furnishing false information to a police officer.

This little boy would never have been harmed had they kept this man behind bars where he belongs. A case such as this is why some parents feel they need to take the law into their own hands. What parent wouldn’t want to take care of a person like this if he done this to one of their children, I know I would. There is no justice when a child is abused in this way and the courts only set the sex offender free to do it again to another innocent child, especially when they are considered a high risk. Brown’s parole officer wasn’t watching him well enough to protect this little boy. I hope they lock this man up and throw away the key this time. If they let him out again the courts should be held responsible when (not if, because he has already proven he can’t stay clean) he does the crime again.

At 10 years old this child’s family should be very proud of himself for fighting this man off of him. I am so sorry he was hurt but at least he prevented this man from doing more harm to him. My prayers will be that this child doesn’t suffer too long from this. I pray God will lead him on in his life with no permanent damage so he can lead a normal life. I also hope and pray there will be no more plea deals for this man to get him a lighter sentence,

Jan Barrett

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