Despite initial hesitations, it appears that A R Antulay who shocked every one in India with his Pro Pakistani statement regarding the death of the Mumbai ATS Chief on 26/11, has finally submitted his resignation. 

Congress should have actually dismissed him immediately after his justification but instead, it has not even accepted the resignation and out the decision off by one more day.

It is clear that Congress has been dragging its feet because of its inhrent apathy towards any decision which may have effect on Muslim votes.

However, it must be brought to the notice of the Congress, that except for persons like Ram Vilas Paswan, even many in the Muslim community itself have strongly criticized Mr Antulay’s remarks. According to an earlier report in Hindu, The citizens’ organisation, Muslims for Secular Democracy (MSD), had asked Union Minister for Minorities A. R. Antulay to resign for insinuating the hand of Hindutva elements and their alleged police sympathisers in the killing of Hemant Karkare, who headed the Anti-Terrorism Squad of Maharashtra. In a statement, MSD office-bearers Javed Akhtar, Sajid Rashid and Javed Anand said they were horrified by Mr. Antulay’s “irresponsible and outrageous” comments.

This should be an eye opener for Congress which should realize that even Muslims are coming out of their religious fanaticism to identify “Terrorism” as “Non Muslim”. Only our Congress politicians are yet to realize the true nature of terrorism and living in an imaginary world that they would lose votes if they take action against Antulay. Infact it is likely that Congress would lose votes if they are seen to be supporting people like Antulay.

So, now the ball is in Sonia Gandhi’s court. Let’s see how much of courage Congress would muster and how strongly they would come out against Mr Antulay’s remarks. Since the statement is to be made in the Parliament, we need to also watch what would be the reaction of Ram Vilas Paswan. It is necessary for Congress to also censure his remarks and if he leaves the coalition, it is unlikely to hurt Congress. 

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