Millions of people will be rendered homeless by the dramatic effects of climate change, in the years to come, forcing them to move in search of greener pastures and higher grounds, according to a study conducted by the aid agency, Tearfund (an evangelical Christian Relief and Development Organization). The study named ‘Feeling the Heat’, says that severe drought, flooding, storm-surges and increasing sea levels, which are direct consequences of climate change triggered by global warming, would force millions of people to become environmental refugees. According to this study, more than 25 million people already live as environmental refugees and this figure is likely to rise with changes in climate patterns and increasing sea levels, which could maroon people living in low-lying countries like Bangladesh and pacific islands like French Polynesia.



Tearfund says that without any immediate intervention, the world may lose its fight against global warming and climate change, producing environmental refugees of unforeseen numbers. The report on environmental refugees from this aid agency, calls for the governments at the UN Climate Change conference, beginning shortly at Nairobi, to develop a global frame-work for tackling climate change, by cutting greenhouse gas emissions in line with the recommendations laid by the Kyoto Protocol and to assist poorer countries to adapt to the effects of global warming and climate change. 

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