reese-witherspoon-harpers-bazaar-07.jpgBy Honey Gillard 

It’s Reese fever as further pictures are released of the extraordinary shots of Miss. Witherspoon from the April 2007 issue of Harper’s Bazaar are released.   

The cover pic – which I personally think is stunning – disappointed some but they’d be happy to know the inside pictures just get better. So don’t worry she is even more beautiful on the inside than the outside (I mean that both literally and personally). 

Reese was quoted in the magazine saying:

“I’m a very open person, but I don’t think there’s one sentence that can sum up an experience,” she continues “I think any life-changing experience sort of demands evaluation, really looking at yourself and your life. And it’s still a situation that’s not that far away.”

It’s a testament to the public’s sympathy for Reese that the tabloids have been (relatively) respectful. “I’ve had interesting experiences with the paparazzi recently when they’ve been apologetic about taking my picture,” she says. For now, though, she and her children will go to the grocery store only during weeks when Mommy and Daddy aren’t on the cover of the gossip rays. 


For the full interview head down to your local newsagent and pick up the fresh and cultivating issue, with the glamorous miss Reese Witherspoon sporting her beautiful face on the cover, as well as several inside pages.

Forks are so over-rated these days, so eat that pudding with-er-spoon. 😉

Personally one of my favourite images from the shoot is above.  

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To read more from me, Honey, visit my blog –   Sources: JustJared

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