REECE_STURGISI love comments on articles I write, I don’t always agree with the view point, but there is nothing wrong with a good debate.

Two years ago I published this I thought it was a perfectly fine article, Reece Thomas James Sturgis was a wanted man.

It was all minor stuff

At the tender age of 18 he stands accused of 2nd Degree Murder, Attempted 2nd Degree Murder, FTA Criminal Use of Personal ID, Possession of Cannabis, Resist without Violence

Hell it looked like any other kid aged 18. At least he had the sense to not fight the cops when they caught him the first time.

So here we are 2 years later, I had completely forgotten the article. Then his sister left this thoughtful comment.

Fuck this report calling my brother a kilkla n he didn’t tf this should be illegal if he didn’t get charged with 2nd degree murder tf n also Li pelo was my nigha he was with me everyday Bruhh wouldn’t murk my Li homie fuxk ass cracka /news reporter but its OK I’m tryna sue pcounty deputy’s for hitting me of a scooter n Bruhh lawyer gone male y’all cut a check
-fuck this report
@R.I.P Li homie pelo love

I am not sure exactly what language it is in, but it clearly is not English. Maybe she was School Deprived? That’s odd, cos I was led to believe that school was free and they even tossed in free meals.

As this link shows Mr Sturgis has upped his game. Why settle for second degree when you can get FIRST?

Simon Barrett

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