The city of Columbus, Ohio is now forming a new anti-poverty agency they think will work. The state is soliciting input from citizens about what services this agency should provide. Should the new agency provide transportation for elderly citizens? How about helping with heating bills during the winter?

There are many unmet needs among the people at church, in the community, and in the state. Columbus Mayor, the Honorable Michael B. Coleman, has appointed a special task force to set up the new agency to end poverty. Can it be done? The task force is looking for board members with expericne in accounting, organizational skills, and fundraising. To nominate someone, or yourself, send an e-mail to the Ohio Department of Development at Submit any program ideas you may have there as well, even if you are not from Ohio. You may know something, or someone, that will help.

The anti- agency will manage $4.17 million in state funding and replace the old Columbus Metropolitan Area Community Action Organization (CMACAO) that was closed down for misuse of funds. Following a state investigation, CMACAO declared bankruptcy in 2005.

It’s time for new ideas to end an old problem. Email some ideas today.

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