Reddish governments of any shade quickly get flustered whenever the people they govern stand up and get vocal about their policies (it would be nice to say “when the people who elected them”, but that isn’t really the case here – the people who are standing up aren’t of the reddish shade). And that is precisely what is happening with Berlin’s red-redder (SPD and the Left Party) city government in the Red Rathaus (no, not rat house, city hall) at the moment.

Clearly worried about the petition which is about to get completed calling for a referendum on Tempelhof Airport’s future, pro-active city government politician types are calling for holding the referendum at the earliest possible date possible, maybe even as soon as May. In true Berlin fashion, they ignored this issue for months on end, assuming or at least hoping that it would just go away. Now, although on the defensive, they are going to pretend that they can get the thing voted down mit Links (with the left hand – stress the left part – or easily, in other words). Well let’s just see what happens.

Anyway, with all this turmoil going on, that must be the reason why Berlin’s Mayor Klaus Wowereit decided to visit the Airport over the weekend. He wanted to calm the emotions and explain to everyone, and for the first time convincingly maybe, just why it is he is so insistent about closing the place down. Oops, false alarm. He just went to a fashion show that was being held there, you say?

West against East, Reason vs. Emotion, Past against Future? Seems to be more like Runway (airport) against Runway (fashion show), if you ask me. But of course you’re not.

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