Smartphones are the most trendy and useful gadgets available today. They can be a way to connect online and offline through social networking sites and voice calls. Since most of them are designed to offer you the luxury and convenience of having everything in just one device, the trend now is to go for the most updated phone. 

When more fabulous and a sleeker smartphone comes in the market, some people opt to throw their old phones away. However, you need to beware of this method of disposing of your phone. Currently, there are better ways to recycle your mobile phone, and there are also good reasons to do that; some of these are:

1.Keep Environment Safe

Environmental groups and government agencies have been warning people for many years about the insatiable global appetite for new electronic gadgets. Their major concern is focused on how they can deal with the devices, which people discard when buying updated versions. The total amount of e-waste being thrown away is posing a threat to the health of everyone worldwide. 

Mobile phones are non-biodegradable devices and they have toxic elements that end up in landfills. The screen of phones consists of glass, a product that cannot decompose naturally. With time, the screen darkens, and if thrown away, they pollute rivers, land, and risk the lives of animals and human beings. Apart from a non-biodegradable screen, your phone can also have other toxic chemicals, such as:

  • Cadmium
  • Mercury
  • Selenium
  • PVC
  • Lead
  • Barium
  • Antimony 

2. Support Charity Foundations

Most charity foundations have partnered with recyclers and phone refurbishing firms to generate funds and keep used phones out of landfills. If you have a phone you want to dispose of, you can help victims of domestic violence. The NCADV (National Coalition Against Domestic Violence) collects phones to help in funding their programs. This organization also accepts and allies with Cellular Recycler that sell refurbished phones. 

In addition, mobile recycling can support a worthy cause. Second Wave Recycling is an organization, which accepts older phones. Functional and newer phones are refurbished before they are sold for money, but older ones get recycled. The cash generated from this is donated to finance the activities of a designed charity. 

3.Get Cash

Many carriers will be more than willing to take old phones off your hands in exchange for a discount, but at times, it may not be a good deal. For this reason, you can sell your phone to recyclers and get more money that may go towards paying off your new mobile phone. However, when recycling your phone, there would be important things you must do. You should take out your SIM card. Even if you’re planning to get a new SIM card, your old one may have contacts saved on it. 

If it has a memory card, you can also remove it. Though, if you intend to resell the phone with your memory card, you can copy apps, documents, and pictures to the new phone. In addition to that, you may also need to:

  • Rebox the phone
  • Wipe it 
  • Delete your data

4. Use the Parts

Some organizations buy used phones to knock them out to use their parts. Almost every material, including plastics and metals used to make phones, is recovered to make new products. Metals can be used in the manufacturing of jewelry and other electronics, while plastics can make packages, auto parts, and garden furniture. 

Apart from plastics and metals recovered from phones, recyclers can also use batteries. Mostly these batteries are used to make other rechargeable battery products. 

5.Concluding Remarks!

Mobile phones are ubiquitous, and many people have them. However, when you get bored with your phone, there are profitable and responsible ways of disposing of it. Recycling your phone has a positive effect on the environment. The process can help save energy and prevent harmful materials from risking the lives of animals and human beings. Instead of throwing your phone away to pollute the environment, you can resell to recyclers, give it for charities, or use the parts to make other items like jewelry.

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