Call me old fashioned. In todays world everything has to be right now. People flock to Taco Hell, Micky D’s, Burger Klunk. Kentucky Fried Critter, etc etc.

They are fun about once a decade, but rarely do I participate. Most of the food is loaded with sodium and stuff I really do not like. I love cheese, it is a great thing. I love sausage, it can be done in so many ways, I love certain types of pastry.

The problem is that regardless of the press releases, and TV ads the end product is icky. It is processed ‘ickiness’. Everything is fried.

Yesterday I found myself in a dilemma. My wife was bound and determined to fry some boneless rather good looking pork steaks. I just hated the concept and told her that I would do mine in a different way. Pork and the Kitchen Sink was born!

I don’t like complex cooking, it is way too time consuming. What was needed was a simple solution. I like many things that my wife does not. So the ‘Kitchen Sink’ was born!

It is simplicity. Drag out your slow cooker and turn it on high.
1. Dump the pork into it
2. Chop up an onion and toss it in
3. A chopped up stalk of celery
4. Smack some garlic and add it
5. A bayleaf
6. Half a teaspoon of sage or rosemary, or whatever you have.
7. Half a teaspoon of curry powder
8. Fresh ground pepper
9. A pinch of salt.

It was at this moment that I realized that some liquid likely might be needed. So I added half a cup of water. It did not seem enough so I added a good splurge of the can of beer that I was drinking.

After an hour or so I checked on my masterpiece. It was looking and smelling good. But I was sure that it could be improved. A dash or five of Worcestershire sauce, a dash of Kitchen Bucket (oops kitchen bouquet) and some flour to thicken up the witches brew. I was out of fresh Cilantro, but dumped in some dried. I did however find some fresh parsley skulking in the fridge. In it went!

I let the slow cooker do its thing and after another two hours the house smelled like an Indian Restaurant.

The end result was absolutely yummy.

Don’t be scared of the kitchen, just be scared of what happens when your wife finds out.

Simon Barrett

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