U.S. Proposes Embargo, Sanctions on N. Korea

Not at all sure how much more we ourselves can embargo North Korea; Japan and South Korea may not have all that much more to cut off. China is the key: North Korea is their dog… their noisy, hyperkinetic, incontinent and rabid little mutt snapping madly at the worlds’ ankles, demanding that attention be paid. Now that North Korea has embarrassed their one remaining patron, main supplier and intimate neighbor, China must be wondering now if they are worth the upkeep, and how much that sentimental attachment is worth in the 21st century. China holds the North Korean leash, and is probably the only one at this point that the Kim régime would pay the least bit of attention to.

And how deep will sanctions actually have to be, before Kim and his cronies actually start to feel the painful pinch… and feel it deeply enough to back down? Practically everyone else is eating bark off the trees: maybe when the Dear Leader runs out of Scotch

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