I seethed in anger last March, when Nancy Pelosi helped to jiggle the votes for the Democratic convention so that the super-delegates and the caucuses would be able to nullify the popular votes in the primaries.

This enabled the hard left, who had hijacked a lot of the caucuses, to have their candidate Barack Obama win, despite the fact (rarely noted by an Obama adoring press) that Hillary’s popular vote in the primaries was even, perhaps higher than that garnered by Obama.

Those left behind? The blue collar Democrats, who ended up voting for Obama over a clueless McCain, but who still distrusted him, not based on a racism (as the press suggests all the time) but because they had too work hard for everything, while he had connections that let him go to Ivy League colleges, while our kids were stuck working our way through community colleges.

Presumably, any Democrat who imitates FDR will garner their support in a recession, yet the threat of terrorism could change the game at any time.

And that, my friends, is the problem with Pelosi and the left wing of the Democratic party.

Right now, Nancy Pelosi has egg on her face because she came out strongly against “torture” and tried to blame it all on Bush.

The problem?


One: The NYTimes has confirmed her early knowledge of the program

The deepening dispute over what Ms. Pelosi was told in September 2002 has challenged her credibility and raised new questions about whether she passed up an early opportunity to expose the Bush administration’s harsh treatment of detainees.

According to this interpretation, her problem is political: In a party hijacked by the extreme anti war left, she should have “played politics” with sensitive security information.

Yet neither the Times nor Pelosi see the real problem about her early knowledge: that maybe she didn’t “spill the beans” because she knew about some very scary threats, and even though as a good Catholic she knew torture was wrong, she figured that a small compromise was needed to keep terrorists from blowing up the Golden Gate bridge.

And therein lies her problem number two.

When Pelosi started playing dumb, Darth Vader Cheyney is reminding everyone that she knew about all those terrorist threats and approved of a limited “coercive interrogation” program. He even called for the CIA to release their documents showing what they had learned, and how many lives had been saved by coercive interrogation.

And the problem has two other aspects to it.

One: The CIA has fought back: leaking those nice memos and even nice guy Leon Panetta has corrected her in public.
You think the Keystone cops Republicans play dirty, you haven’t faced the CIA.

And then there is the President.

Either President Obama lied to his anti war supporters, or else he grew up when he saw some of the scary threats out there and changed his pre election policies on Iraq, Guantanamo and other Bush programs.

Indeed, to prove he has the cojones to play hardball, he has appointed Hillary Clinton to be his Secretary of State.

So President Obama has faced reality, and grown up.

But  Nancy Pelosi? No growing up here, folks. She is not only playing politics with national security, but she is lying about it.

There is, of course, a way out of it: She could honestly say:

Look. There are very bad threats out there, and after 911, I silenced my conscience and approved of torture to save lives.

However, since then, I have examined my conscience and have repented of my actions.

However, don’t hold your breath for her to try to be honest.

She is, after all, a politician who has betrayed her church and her fellow feminist to gain power. Why should she start worrying about her soul at this late date?


Nancy Reyes is a retired physician living in the rural Philippines. Her website is Finest Kind Clinic and Fishmarket.

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