Illegal immigration is set to be one of the big issues in the upcoming Presidential election. As with any big issue extremists on both the left and the right are hysterical about it and never miss an opportunity to strike a blow to the other side. If we are ever gonna solve this problem we must cut through all the emotions and simply look at the issue in a practical matter.

To suggest that the U.S. should just open its borders and let anyone who wants to come and go as they please is frankly just a bizarre suggestion. A suggestion that is equally bizarre is the suggestion that we should seal off the borders and stop all immigration entirely. Without a doubt there are people on both sides of this debate who have motives that are suspect to say the least. You have those on the far-right fringe who want to close off the border because they honestly don’t like Mexicans or “brown people” in general. Then there are those on the far left who don’t want to stop illegal immigration because they don’t like our government and fundamentally want to change our way of life. I think I’ve heard those people referred to as “secular progressives” somewhere.

The real truth is that illegal immigration is a problem and something can and should be done about it. In this age of terrorism to have a border that hundreds of thousands of people can pour over unnoticed is suicide. If I were a terrorist and wanted to come into the U.S. I would absolutely enter through Mexico, wouldn’t you? Its that one Muslim terrorist that comes across our border that is a bigger danger than the estimated 1 million+ Mexicans that come across our borders every year. Some argue that to date not one single terror suspect has been nabbed trying to enter the U.S. through Mexico, and I say look at hundreds of pounds of drugs and people that cross undetected. Do you really believe it would be difficult for a middle eastern terrorist to cross undetected?

The other reason we have to do something is that if we truly are a nation of laws then we have a duty to uphold them. People have been entering the U.S. by the thousands for 20 years and its only now that people are suddenly mad. We are a rich nation, but we’re starting to see the effects of so many years of unchecked immigration on our health care system, school system, and many other ways. In any civilized society you just can’t have a chaotic situation like the one that exists on our borders.

Solutions to the immigration mess are somewhat murky depending on who you talk to. I certainly don’t claim to have all the answers, but I can tell you what the answers are not. Americans don’t need to act hysterical, show up to protests and stand on the Mexican flag. People who stand on flags whether that flag be American, Israeli, Mexican, or French are not contributing to any type of rational discussion, they just look like assholes. Just like the “flag standers” the illegal aliens who carry the Mexican flag and scream about what the U.S. owes them are not helping to move the debate forward at all.

What I do know is we have to stop the flow of people coming over illegally somehow. Secondly there are 15 million+ illegal aliens in the U.S. and we can’t send all those people home its just not possible, so we should just be real about that. Some will say, “but that would be amnesty,” and the politicians will say “its not amnesty,” and then invent a new word that means amnesty but pretend that it doesn’t mean that.

The only thing I care about is that we secure our border with a wall, cameras, border patrol, National Guard, or whatever else just as long as its secure. I don’t really care about the people who have already made it here, I believe its more of a side issue that distracts from the real issue of securing the border now. Let’s be honest and real about this whole thing and hopefully we can come to some type of resolution in the near future.

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