Gretchen gets the Slade Smiley smooch

For those with Real Housewives of Orange County withdrawal symptoms, it’s casting calls for new housewives next season, who was nominated as “Reality’s Guiltiest Pleasure” at Bravo’s A-List awards, and who’s Gretchen Rossi’s new squeeze. Plus, some the “sordid” details the OC housewives kept hidden from viewers while opting to publicly cast aspersions on Gretchen.

First up, open casting calls were held at the South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa, California in early April, which begs the question of whether someone got the boot, or left by their own volition, or whether the producers are looking to add a new addition. The following video from the OC Register gives viewers some clues as to the type of women who showed up looking to be the next “Real Housewife of Orange County”:

On April 5th, all the Housewives from season four including Lauri Waring Peterson attended Bravo’s “A-List” Awards held in downtown Los Angeles at the Orpheum Theatre. What was amusing about the awards was the fact that it was Gretchen who was up for “Reality’s Guiltiest Pleasure, presented to the most popular and entertaining individual in a reality TV series”. Amusing to me, most likely not as amusing to Tamra Barney or Vicki Gunvalson, Gretchen’s arch-nemesis’.

Tamra, “I am hot, am I not” Barney

Tamra, 41, staked her claim as O.C.’s most “hottest” housewife in season three and tried to “cement” it in season four. Much to Tamra’s chagrin, the arrival of 31-yr-old Gretchen, with model looks and a sunshine disposition, called into question Tamra’s Her Royal Hotness crown. Gretchen’s arrival also flustered Vicki Gunvalson, 45, self-confessed workaholic and devout Christian, whose constant complaint was that Gretchen was a center of attention hog as well as that Gretchen couldn’t be “trusted”.

Last season ended with a reunion episode complete with melodrama worthy of The Days of Our Resplendent and Redundant Lives, with sour pusses Tamra and Vicki unleashing what they believed to be a mass weapon of Gretchen destruction, the “why we can’t trust Gretchen” story whom Tamra pretended she was reluctant to tell. After Tamra’s tale came tumbling out, Vicki sat as the wise Housewife sage while twisting the literal knife she stuck in Gretchen’s back by padding Tamra’s tale with Vicki’s own contributions of mock concern.

Vicki Gunvalson and hubbie Donn, “love tank” handler

I argued that both Tamra and Vicki had not only dissed Gretchen but had also “dissed a dead man”, Gretchen’s now deceased boyfriend, Jeff, in “Despicable Housewives Tamra and Vicki “Diss” a Dead Man“:

“The accusation was based on a series of phone calls. At no time did Tamra, or her husband, meet this man to verify if he really was who he said he was. At no time did Tamra give Gretchen or Jeff a chance to defend themselves. Instead, the accusation was kept under wraps until well after Jeff was dead. Jeff will never be able to defend himself or Gretchen.

Not only did Tamra not go to Jeff so he could defend himself, but she didn’t go to Gretchen, whom Tamra had extended her friendship. As the old saying goes, “with friends like these, who needs enemies?” Not only did Tamra not talk to Jeff or Gretchen, but she took her tale to Vicki and Jeanna, where the three played “I’ve got a nasty secret”. A “nasty secret” based on accusations from a man Tamra never bothered to confirm his real identity, and never met face to face. Accusations which she didn’t share with the accused. This was unfair and showed Tamra’s true intent, to harm Gretchen. Instead of a “nasty secret” it exposed Tamra as a “nasty piece of work”.

While Gretchen failed to win–Ne-Ne Leaks, an Atlanta Real Housewife took the trophy home–the nomination sealed Gretchen’s popularity with the show, despite the “dire” warnings from Vicki and Tamra during the season end “reunion”, that Gretchen “couldn’t be trusted” and that Gretchen was a “fraud”.

The wives posed at the Bravo awards for the above group photo, which proved that even those who despise one another can put their animosity aside for photo ops. I also lifted this quote from Tamra at the Bravo awards from the OC Register: “It’s partying central”. As well as this quote regarding questions about the casting calls:

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Source: Real Housewives of Orange County Update: Gretchen Gets Smiley with Slade, Bravo Awards and Casting Calls

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