“Real Housewives of Orange County” — More Than Meets the Eye

Matt Keogh Arrested for Multiple Charges

Binge Drinking Ex-Pitcher Usually “Away” 
The Reality series, The Real Housewives of Orange County, follows the upscale lives of several women who live in the swank community of Coto de Caza, California.

In its third season the cast is minus a character, the husband of Jeana. Matt Keough was rarely around the large square foot mini-manse while Jeana coped with raising two sons and a daughter along with a very successful career in real estate.

Keough was usually “away.” At times it was mentioned that the ex-major league pitcher was in “Vegas” or coaching. The new season had Jeana learning how to be single again after a long marriage to Matt. As for Matt, no mention of where he had gone but then again when he was there, he always made himself scarce after scowling at everyone.

From today’s OC Register:

NEWPORT BEACH – Former All-Star pitcher and “Real Housewives of Orange County” husband Matt Keough will be arraigned this morning on charges that he was caught binge drinking at a bar at the Fashion Island Marriott hotel, officials said. Keough, who is on probation for a 2005 driving under the influence conviction, is banned from having alcohol under his probation terms.

Evidently this wasn’t Keough’s first brush with the law.

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Real Housewives of Orange County: The Side You Never See 


Real Housewives of Orange County: The Side You Never See

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